Tailor-made for your context and culture

We offer expertise in utilising and adapting Finnish-inspired learning concepts worldwide. Here are some examples of what we can offer, but each collaboration is a tailor-made package.

Curriculum enrichment

How to implement features of the Finnish education model in your curriculum? Curriculum Enrichment is a process where the existing curriculum is enriched with features, methods and elements that benefit the learning process.

Teacher training

Teacher training services train the teachers and empower them with understanding, tools and methods they need to be successful. Teacher training services include both in-person training as well as distant and/or on-demand learning periods.

Teaching materials and methods

Toolkit for the teachers. Huippu Education’s teaching materials and methods enable the teachers to apply the curriculum in practise.

Consultation services

Our consultation services help you to understand and utilize the Finnish education expertise in your own context and culture.

In partnership with HY+ University of Helsinki